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About Us
Who we are, and what we're about!
​​RDC4IT is an Aerial Media and Business Services Company that serves the Greater Inland Empire and Los Angeles. Our company prides itself in providing innovative solutions that facilitate success and growth. Our business networks and collaborates with other businesses to ensure that our customers have access to all the resources to meet their needs. Contact us to find out more about how we can meet your needs!
The Risk -> Mitigated
We understand that in business, recruiting or hiring others can initially seem daunting. Let us put you at ease; RDC4IT has various risk mitigation and safety procedures in place, and our Pilots are FAA Licensed to fly our Registered Equipment. We also offer insurance coverage up to 1 million dollars (5-10 milllion in certain areas).
General Overview of Services
Our friendly, knowledgeable, and innovative solutions are ready to meet you.
  1. Social Media & Web Design
    RDC4IT can help you get connected, market, and have you ready to take on the world wide web. Our services range from creating a site to maintaining and updating one. Our Social Media services can help drive your potential consumers to your site, to further your successes and growth. We also offer Training on existing services.
  2. Aerial Media & Surveying
    Our Aerial Media Services include: 3D Topography Maps, Crop Health Maps, 2D Geo-tagged Overlay Maps, Elevation Maps, Aerial Imagery, and Aerial Videography. From Marketing your real estate or business to working smart on projects, our professional staff can help you succeed.
  3. Business Services
    Let's talk. You need solutions to your paper problem? Contact Us. Need forms and maybe some templates to make your work more efficient? Contact Us. Let RDC4IT help you work smart and not hard.
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