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RDC4IT can evaluate your needs during a consultation, but here is a brief overview of the services we offer:
  1. Website Design & Building
    RDC4IT offers Web Design services to existing and new websites. We offer assistance with programming and e-commerce sites as well. From Hosting to Posting, you're in the right domain.
  2. Social Media Consultation / Creation / Management
    Setup, Training, and Implementation are all aspects of Social Media that RDC4IT can assist you with. Management and Maintenance are also offered to ensure that your reputation and image are secured.
  3. Templates & Forms
    If you find yourself sending various communications or have issues with getting a standardized process, allow RDC4IT to draft the template or form you need to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  4. Real Estate Photography and Videography
    Get the right attention and attract potential buyers with Beautiful High Quality Imagery and Videography. According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes without. Video tours or walk-throughs that incorporate drone footage create impressive results as well.
  5. Site Inspections / Survey
    RDC4IT can give you the birds eye view and mitigate the risk of having a person climb up on top of a building to inspect it. We can assist with the surveying of land and other areas as well.
  6. Media Packages
    Photoshoots, Car shoots, and even Parties are events that RDC4IT can cover. If you want to impress your audience and guests with memorable and impressive media, contact us and we can record, edit, and produce a video to capture these moments.
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Starting at $25/hr
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Starting at $200.00
Starting at $125.00
Starting at $250.00
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